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North Carolina Dance Institute
Thanksgiving Make-up Schedule
November 27-29, 2003

NCDI will be closed for Thanksgiving Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Nov 27 - 29). The following is a list of scheduled make-up classes. If you are unable to make-up a class at the specified time, please make-up your class(es) in another age and level appropriate class before December 14.

Thursday, November 27
Make-up Class
10:00am PlayDance (Sharon)
Tuesday, Nov 25 10:00am (Sharon)
11:00am PreDance (Sharon)
Tuesday, Nov 25 11:00am (Sharon)
2:00pm Jazz & Tap (Staci)
Wednesday, Dec 3 3:15pm (Staci)
2:00pm PreDance (Kirstie)
Tuesday, Nov 25 2:00pm (Kirstie)
3:30pm Jazz (Jennifer)
Fridays *, 4:15pm
3:30pm PreDance (Courtney)
Saturday, November 15 12:30pm (Courtney)
4:15pm Modern 1 Lyrical (Kirstie)
Saturday, December 6 2:00-2:45pm (Kirstie)
4:15pm Jazz (Jennifer)
Fridays *, 5:00pm
4:15pm PreDance (Courtney)
Saturday, November 15 12:30pm (Courtney)
5:00pm Jazz 3 (Jennifer)
Tuesdays *, 8:15pm (Jennifer)
5:00pm Ballet 2 (Courtney)
Saturdays *, Ballet 2 10:15am (Courtney)
5:05pm Jazz & Tap (Freddie-Lee)
Saturday, Dec 13, 12:05pm studio 2 (Freddie-Lee)
6:00pm Modern 2 (Willie)
Saturdays *, Ballet 2 10:15am (Courtney)
6:00pm Pre-Pointe (Courtney)
Saturdays *, Pre-Pointe 11:15am (Courtney)
6:00pm Int Tap (Freddie-Lee)
Saturday, Dec 13, 1:00pm studio 2 (Freddie-Lee)
7:00pm Modern 3 (Willie)
Saturdays *, Ballet 2/3 9:00am (Courtney)
7:00pm Int Ballet (Jill)
Saturdays *, Ballet 2/3 9:00am (Courtney)
7:00pm Beg Tap (Freddie-Lee)
Saturday, Dec 13, 11:00am studio 3 (Freddie-Lee)
8:15pm Int Jazz (Willie)
Tuesdays *, 8:15pm (Jennifer)
Friday, November 28
Make-up Class
4:00pm Ballet 1 (Lee)
Tuesdays *, 5:00pm (Lee)
4:15pm Jazz & Ballet (Jennifer)
Thursdays *, 3:30pm (Jennifer)
5:00pm Ballet 2 (Debra)
Saturdays *, 10:15am Ballet 2 (Courtney)
5:00pm Jazz 2 (Lee)
Mondays *, 4:15pm Jazz (Lee)
5:00pm Jazz (Jennifer)
Thursdays *, 4:15pm (Jennifer)
6:00pm Pre-Pointe (Debra)
Saturdays *, 11:15 Pre-Pointe Barre Only (Courtney)
Saturday, November 29
Make-up Class
9:00 am Ballet 2/3 (Courtney)
Wednesdays *, 7:00pm Adv Ballet (Debra)
9:00 am Jazz & Ballet (Jennifer R)
Extended classes 9:00am-10:30 Dec 6 & Dec 13
10:00 am Jazz & Ballet (Jennifer R)
Extended classes 10:30am-12:00 Dec 6 & Dec 13
10:15 am Ballet 2 (Courtney)
Thursdays *, 5:00pm Ballet 2 (Courtney)
11:15 am Pointe (Courtney)
Thursdays *, 6:00pm Pre-Pointe (Courtney)
* You may make up the class on any date before December 14