PlayDance and PreDance

PlayDance and PreDance Classes

PlayDance and PreDance classes are for Kids in Motion! 45-minute classes focus on development of motor skills and coordination of movement with music. Fun and creative classes with music appropriate for young children. Music, dance, and theme classes are developed with the "Young Artist" in mind. Creativity and Individualism are encouraged along with initiating the "boundaries" of the dance classroom. Following directions, following the "Line Leaders", becoming comfortable with other children, and learning to be expressive through dance and dramatics. Kids in Motion: Run, Jump, Spin, and Leap through the class to energetic music! A picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the PlayDance collage from the Fall 2001 Observation Week. PlayDance is typically the precursor to PreDance.

For Girls and Boys
Ages 3-5 yrs.

Typical, though not required attire:
Girls - Pink leotards & pink ballet slippers with elastic
Boys - Black shorts, white shirts & black jazz shoes

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