The following (with minor modifications) was emailed to all registered students on April 1 between 3:40pm and 4:45pm. Please check your Spam folder if you did not see it. If you still cannot find it, please email Kirstie or Jay and we'll send it again.

Dear NCDI students and parents,

This is a detailed email about our gradual reopening, so here are the main points:
- Starting April 5, NCDI will begin holding classes both in-person at the studio and via Zoom
- Students should check the limited-capacity roster the day of their class(es) for when they may attend
- Students who choose to attend must follow the COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing face masks

NCDI is reopening
As noted on our website and Facebook, starting Monday, April 5, NCDI will begin a gradual reopening with limited-capacity, in-person classes for students who choose to attend. We will also continue to provide our classes via Zoom for those who choose not to return at this time. Our teachers are excited to return to the studios after they get fully vaccinated. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a serious concern and we still have a way to go before vaccinations are widely available for all. The health of our dancers and families is most important, and we will leave it to you to decide when the time is right for your family to return.

Limited-capacity class rosters
The current NC guidelines allow for 75% capacity at fitness and dance studios, but we intend to stay well below that for now. We will instead operate closer to 30% capacity. To facilitate this, we have created online class rosters that list students and dates to attend at NCDI. These are Google sheets, with tabs for MONDAY through SATURDAY classes, and classes ordered by start time. Classes list the enrolled students with a row of checkboxes indicating the dates they may attend in-person at NCDI if they choose to do so. These rosters will be updated frequently by Kirstie, and will change based on student attendance and our best attempt to accommodate students with multiple classes, siblings, and other factors. Because these rosters will change, students should check the worksheet the day of their classes. Of course, students have no obligation to attend on the days that are marked for them, and are welcome to continue taking classes via Zoom.

In summary, please check this link included in the email: [NCDI limited-capacity class roster (link redacted here)] on the day of your classes.
Please DO NOT FORWARD the link for these rosters to anyone else.

COVID-19 guidelines
We will follow the well-known recommendations to reduce the chance of COVID-19 transmission. All NCDI faculty and students who choose to attend in-person will do their part to ensure a safe environment, including such things as:
- Face masks will be worn at all times
- Maintain social distancing with no congregating in shared areas such as the lobby and hallways
- Students should arrive in their dance clothes but change into their dance shoes once inside NCDI
- Water fountains should not be used, so please bring a full, resealable water bottle
- We will frequently wipe down ballet barres, desktops, doors and other commonly touched surfaces
- Do not attend in-person if you are not feeling well or suspect you may have been exposed
- Let us know if you test positive for COVID-19 so that we can take appropriate steps to notify others and temporarily close for additional cleaning

Thank you, and continue to stay safe
For the past year, we thank you for staying safe with NC Dance Institute with online classes. It has worked well and we will continue to focus on giving our best instruction to students who remain on Zoom while striving to provide a safe environment for students who return to the studio. Though even in a limited capacity, there are risks of virus transmission with indoor physical activity, particularly with dancers moving through space. Classes will typically be limited to 4 to 8 students, and dancers will be required to wear masks at all times. Class schedule times are already staggered to reduce crowding, and parents, siblings, and friends will not be permitted inside to avoid congregations.

We appreciate your patience and support as we make these challenging decisions. More information may be provided via email. Also, please get updates from our website, by joining our Facebook group, and following us on Instagram. If you have any questions, please email Kirstie at We look forward to opening our doors again and having our dancers back in the studios!

Thank you,
Kirstie and Jay Spadie