Briana Alston


Briana Alston
Hip-Hop, Jazz Fusion

Briana was born in NC, found dance first as a hobby, teaching herself Hip-Hop freestyle. At Elon University, she joined her first club dance team. As choreographer, she created choreography for diverse occasions all over campus.

After graduating from Elon, she moved to New Orleans to pursue a career opportunity in education and her love for dance followed. She performed in showcases with Dancing Grounds, the New Orleans RAW Showcase, as well as backup for Canadian performing artist, Peaches. Briana's performed with Artivism Dance Theatre, a dance company in New Orleans dedicated to bringing awareness of social issues through movement and theatre.

Briana returned to North Carolina, pursuing her Master's in School Psychology. Briana hopes to bring her passion of expressing one's truest self through movement. NCDI is super excited to welcome Briana to NCDI. Come check out her classes and fun movement style!