3-Jul-03 NCDI Performed at the 2003 Carolina Arts Festival

NCDI Dancers Performed
at the 2003 Carolina Arts Festival
July 3, 2003

North Carolina Dance Institute Dancers performed for the Carolina Arts Festival, Broadway Rocks Concert on July 3rd at Cary Regency Park Ampitheatre. The Dancers were joined by Lisa Blair's The Capital Ambassadors in "Coming to America". Later in the show, NCDI students performed with Jacques D'Ambroise's National Dance Institute Performance Workshop in "Free Rides of the Planets". Broadway Rocks ended with a grande final performed to Terrance Mann and Matt Bennett original song " First in Flight". See North Carolina Dance Institute perform "Coming to America" celebrating Flight in Dance!

September 13 update: We've added the video footage filmed by UNC-TV (copyright 2003 Carolina Arts Festival). Thank you, UNC-TV and CAF, for the use of this footage.

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Featured North Carolina Dance Institute Dancers
Asha Jones Jessica Jaynes Jennifer Menge Amanda Vaughn
Adrian Tennant Olivia Barnes Jennifer Rowell Natalie Lanctot
Carol Fulton Molly Johnson Virginia Michaels Ana Vargo
Shannon Williams Lauren Gunsch Ashley Junkins Kat Carter
Charlotte Hurt Bree Branker Maggie Mial Mary Mitchell
Brooke Reimer Jessica House Logan Jones Kathryn Wright
Victoria Cyzewski Emily Wingard Lauren Wingard Courtney Crumpler
Choreography by Kirstie Tice