2003 Hip-Hop Camp


Hip-Hop Camp at NCDI

North Carolina Dance Institute was featured in the
Wake County School System publication,
The Total Connection. Story by Ruth Ann Struble.
The following was copied from the July 23, 2003 issue (photos added).

Hip-Hop Dancing

Allison Bonner (Ligon), Leigh Kathryn Bonner (Magellan), Paulina Escobar (Magellan), Caffery Gilley (Ravenscroft), and Amber Lane (Moore Square) spent the week of June 23-27 at Hip-Hop Camp at the North Carolina Dance Institute (NCDI). The camp was led by Kirtsie Tice and Asha Jones. The girls learned cool moves like the ones you see on TV and Videos and came away with a Hip-Hop video of their own.

Kirstie said, “Hip-Hop is the craze. It makes the girls feel good, tough. It’s more than dance, it’s an attitude. Hip-Hop is the most challenging dance with its complexity fast paced steps and movements.”

The reason the girls signed up for the camp varied. Paulina said her sister was interested and had showed her some of the moves. Caffery said she likes to sing and act and felt the class would help her with future auditions. Allison said she started dance classes last year and has found them fun and great exercise. Amber’s dance teacher recommended that she take a class over the summer.
The girls made up street names for themselves. Leigh Kathryn was Bug (her nickname), Allison was Develish A (for her school mascot), Caffery was Ace G (because she likes tennis), Amber was Blondie A (hair color) and Paulina was Prance. Some of the others at the camp were Dr. M Dog, Triple Threat (she likes to Sing, Dance and Act), J Dancer (but you can call her JD), Hop Dog, and Sugar C (because she is sweet and bad at the same time).

The girls came away from the camp having learned choreography, new moves, how to have personality on the dance floor, how to remember sequences and how to dance with a bigger group.
NCDI is dedicated to building a strong foundation in the arts. They are a non-recital, non-competition institute focused on Education and Exposure. With the schools method of teaching the students to learn a new dance each month, choreography, staging and new techniques. NCDI offers distinctive dance programs that motivate students of all ages through fun and energetic classes.