Information for
New Students
Ages 12 to Adult

North Carolina Dance Institute
Information for New Students Ages 12 to Adult

We hope this valuable information can help you have a positive dance experience at NCDI. Please review the General Student Information page as well.

Dance Attire
Dancewear is designed to allow a student freedom of movement while allowing a teacher to see the musculature of the body. Dress code specifications are listed in detail on our attire page.

Class Levels
When asking about classes, please indicate your dance experience and level of physical fitness. Choosing a class level:
Beginner: New to dance, with a good level of physical fitness.
Intermediate: 3-5 years of dance training, and in great physical condition.
Advanced: 5-10 years of technical dance training including classical ballet training, and in excellent physical condition.

Choosing the Right Class(es)
Please email the Artistic Director, Kirstie Spadie, for questions regarding class placements. Kirstie can help to determine the class(es) that will best fit the student's dance experience and interests. As an option to help decide upon a class, single classes are available for a fee listed at the botton of the class schedule, check or cash only. It is recommended to email Kirstie prior to attending a single class to learn more about it, ensure there is space, and get an idea what the class has been working on recently. For a single class, please arrive early and see the front desk staff to purchase a single class ticket and sign a waiver form. Make sure to read our attire information page so you are dressed properly for classes. Street shoes, tennis shoes, and shorts are not permitted in the studios. Students may register online or at the front desk. Once enrolled, new dancers should give themselves a few classes to feel comfortable with the class material and teaching styles of our instructors. Learning dance can be challenging, but stick with it!

Please Be On Time!
NCDI classes start on time. Each class is designed with a set pre-warm-up and exercises which graduate to more challenging work. Missing the beginning of class, your dance experience lacks continuity and sets bad habits for future training. Please arrive to class 10 minutes ahead of time, use the bathroom before class, wash hands, and be prepared for the lesson. Please understand that it is the teacher’s discretion to permit students into class arriving more than 10 minutes late. Teachers may ask that the late student observe class.

Have a healthy snack before class for energy. Bottled water is OK. We do have water fountains. Bring purses/wallets into the classroom with you. Please turn off cell phones in all classrooms.
Parents/Students/Friends sitting in on classes is not permitted. We have large windows to observe classes. Please do not ask to come in to watch. Siblings should stay in the lobby and should be reminded to not distract students and teachers. Children should be supervised at all times.

NCDI aspires to provide dance education to enrich our students' lives on several levels:
To develop coordination, creativity, grace, confidence, and physical fitness; and to develop a life-long appreciation for music, dance and the arts. We strive to provide a positive learning and loving environment. We are excited to have you begin your dance journey with us.

Thank you for choosing North Carolina Dance Institute!