Information for Students and Parents

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North Carolina Dance Institute
Information for Students and Parents

Welcome to North Carolina Dance Institute!

We are excited to have you (or your child) as a student. Please take a moment to review this information page and let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

New Students
All new students should e-mail the Artistic Director, Kirstie (, for help with class placements. New students should also review one of the following:

  » Information for New Students Ages 3-11
  » Information for New Students Ages 12 to Adult

Summer 2024 Dates
  » Apr 15: Summer registration opened.
  » June 17: Start of the 6-week summer class session.
  » July: summer dance camps/intensives (dates vary).
  » July 4: NCDI will be CLOSED on Thursday July 4.
  » July 27: End of the 6-week summer class session.

2024-2025 Dance Year Dates
  » Aug 19: Start of the 40-week 2024-2025 dance year.
  » Sep 2: Labor Day - NCDI closed.
  » Nov 20-24 (Wed-Sun): Thanksgiving - NCDI closed.
  » Dec 20 - Jan 2: Winter Break - NCDI closed.
  » Jan 3, 2025: Classes resume.
  » Mar 31 - Apr 6: Spring Break - NCDI closed.
  » May 26: Memorial Day - NCDI closed.
  » Jun 14: End of the 40-week 2024-2025 dance year.

Please encourage perfect attendance, as class attendance is very important for class continuity and learning. Should a student miss a class, make-ups are available within 30 days of the missed class. Please DO NOT call NCDI to notify of absences. Simply choose a make-up class that is appropriate in age and skill level and come to that class. Please be prompt for all classes and in appropriate dance attire. NCDI does not follow Wake County Public School System with regard to teacher workdays and holidays. For inclement weather, please see our website or call 919-786-0555 for closure information.

Dance attire requirements are listed on our website under quick links or classes. Students who are not properly dressed will be asked to observe their class. Tennis shoes or street shoes are not permitted in our studios. Students should never walk outside in their dance shoes. This damages the shoes and will subsequently damage the dance floors. Please write the student’s name in all shoes and on dance bags. Lost shoes will be placed in the lost and found box at the front desk.

Observing Classes
Parents are welcome to observe classes through our large windows, but please be reminded that small children may become distracted if they see their parents in the windows. Please keep small children from disrupting classes by removing them from the windows. Children should be supervised at all times and should not be disruptive to others waiting in the lobby area or halls. NCDI holds Parent Observation at the end of the dance year. Parents and friends are welcomed into the studios for a special showcase. Dance trophies, medals, and/or certificates of achievements are given to students who study the entire year!

Parking and Pickup
For safety, we prefer that students NOT wait outside of the building. Please come inside to pick up your child if they are under the age of 9. Students 10 years of age can look for their parents through the window and then go to their parents’ car. The Public Library is a great place to study, but students must have parental permission to walk to the library unsupervised. Please do not leave any valuables within sight in your car as you come inside. As a courtesy to our neighbor, please avoid parking in Allen Funk’s storefront parking spaces during the day.

Food and Drink
Food and drinks are NOT permitted inside of NCDI. There are many restaurants in Duraleigh Corners and we prefer that the students eat there. Water is permitted in the studio if it is in a spill-proof sports bottle. Dancers can have snacks in their dance bag in a plastic baggie.

Tuition Payment and Withdrawal Policy
Tuition is paid in four quarter payments, and invoices will be e-mailed as reminders. The due dates are posted on the invoices and on our website on the registration forms. NCDI does not accept monthly payments. Class registration applies to the entire 40-week traditional school dance year. If you need to withdraw from a class, please present a completed withdrawal form (see front desk), a written letter, or an e-mail to NCDI 30 days prior to withdrawal. A 30-day written notification is required for withdrawal from any class. Phone messages or verbal withdrawals are not accepted. Tuition is due during these 30 days following receipt of the notice. If applicable, a refund or credit will be processed after the withdrawal letter is received. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed classes.

Performance opportunities are available during the year. Check the front board for announcements and auditions. Stay informed of upcoming events, auditions, information, and news by frequently checking our website!

Enjoy the Experience!
Please be reminded (or remind your child) that it takes effort and determination to reach advanced levels of dance. Dance is fun, exciting, and full of great personal rewards. Reminders about stretching at home while watching TV and healthy eating habits are important. We look forward to teaching you or your child and making dance a positive experience! Thank you for making NCDI a great place to dance!

Thank you for choosing North Carolina Dance Institute!