Information for
New Students
Ages 3-11

North Carolina Dance Institute
Information for New Students Ages 3-11

We hope this valuable information can help your child have a positive dance experience at NCDI. Please review the General Student Information page as well.

Dance Attire
Dancewear is designed to allow a student freedom of movement while allowing a teacher to see the musculature of the body. Dress code specifications are listed in detail on our attire page. In short, pink leotards for students 3-6 years old, and black leotards for 6 years and older. Please wear pink tights. Dancers legs should be covered to keep the muscles warm. Underwear should not be worn. No costumes, please. Dancers must be diaper-free.

Ballet Slippers and Dance Shoes
Ballet slippers should "fit like a glove" but not too tight. The toes should have some room. Most parents want to get a season's use out of the slipper and purchase slippers with a little room to grow. The soft leather slipper will stretch to allow some additional growth. Purchase a new pair only when the slipper is so tight that the toes cannot lay flat. To wear ballet shoes properly, pull the drawstring carefully so it only takes up gaps in the width of the shoe. Do not pull this drawstring tightly causing pain and discomfort to the sensitive Achilles tendon. Caution: Drawstrings once pulled out are impossible to re-tie. Slippers should be leather with elastics sewn at the ankles. Please tuck bows into the front of the shoe. This will assure class time will be spent dancing rather than tying bows over and over, again! Please never allow your child to walk outside in dance shoes. It destroys the sole of the shoe and brings in dirt, grease, and everything else into the classroom.

Parents, Please Be On Time!
Children feel uncomfortable and will not participate well when arriving late. Each class is designed with a set pre-warm-up and exercises which graduate to more challenging work. Missing the beginning of class, your child's dance experience lacks continuity and sets bad habits for future training. Please arrive to class 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time, use the bathroom before class, wash hands, and help your child with their hair. Please understand that it is the teacher’s discretion to permit students into class arriving more than 10 minutes late. Late notices will be given to students to give to parents. Teachers may ask that the late student observe class.

Feed the Dancer!
A good healthy snack is recommended before physical activity for energy.

Observing Class
Parents sitting in the classroom is not permitted. Please do not ask to come in to watch. Even if you feel your child is anxious and does better with you near, understand that your presence will distract your child, as well as the other children. It will only take a lesson or two for your child to discover the joy of dance. From the first day, remind them that the studio is for "dancers only". Siblings should stay in the lobby and should be reminded to not distract students and teachers. Children should be supervised at all times. Do not allow children in the studio unattended. Please do not allow your children to go into the room to "play". The studio is for movement education. The teacher will invite students into the classroom.

First Time Lessons
If your child has a problem entering the classroom, know that we are here to support the student and the parent. As they develop more confidence, the child may come in when they are ready or try again later in the year. If a child is not participating, the teacher will make an effort to encourage that child, but the teacher has other students to consider. We will try our best, but some children are just not ready to fully participate in a class. We will inform you if this is the case. We only have your child’s best interest in mind.

As a parent, you want your child to develop coordination, creativity, grace, and physical fitness. You want your child to build confidence and enrich their lives with an appreciation for music, dance and the arts. And most importantly, you want your child to be engaged in an activity that is healthy and FUN! NCDI strives to provide a positive learning and loving environment. We are excited to have your child begin their dance journey with us.

Thank you for choosing North Carolina Dance Institute!