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The following are a sampling of the reviews that can be found around the web including Google Reviews and insiderpages. We thank our students and parents who took the time to share their experiences at NCDI, and we're very proud of what they have to say. Thank you!

Quality instruction, without the expense and distraction of recitals. If you want your child to learn the art and discipline of dance in an affirming environment, come to NCDI! Here, dancers have fun learning that persistence, hard work, artistry and dedication make you a dancer - not frilly costumes, backdrops, programs, flowers and DVDs. We were thrilled to find NCDI after becoming frustrated with the barrage of incidental charges that add up quickly in recital season. Our daughter is now constantly challenged and engaged in learning proper fundamentals, instead of wasting months on the same short, simple recital routine. Here, the director is personally involved in encouraging each dancer's progress. The performance opportunities are truly optional, and are better matched to the age and skill of the dancer. At the end of the year, the dancer's reward does not vary based on how many flowers, pictures and program space the dancer's parents can afford. We're so pleased, we're adding additional classes to our schedule next year! And we can work them into the budget, because we don't have to pay for recital.
- NCDI parent

NCDI is the dance studio that not only serves as the most inspirational place to educate yourself in dance, but also a home away from home. The training in all dance forms at NCDI is exceptional. I have trained with many different teachers and the teachers at NCDI are just so fantastic at everything they do. Not only being able to teach challenging and fun combinations and dances that keep us dancers engaged in class, but also the fact that any question fathomable about technique is able to be answered by the teachers. In addition to blanket corrections given to the whole class, the teachers make a point to give individual corrections to each student. This is essential in the development of nearly flawless technique that we strive towards at NCDI. That's another thing, the emphasis on perfect technique with the addition to artistry is one of the most amazing parts about NCDI. They do not just develop dancers who can go through the motions and who can move well. Us dancers are taught to perfectly execute the dances and combination with defined technique AND to dance from the inside out letting our emotions drive the technique and movement. The fact the NCDI is a non- competition non- recital studio is actually one of the best parts about it and one of the key reasons why the dancers are so well rounded and so able to grow. First of all, the cost of costumes and competition/convention fees as well as the time consumption of competitions and recitals are unthinkable for so many families. At NCDI, we are not limited to drilling the same dances over and over for the entire year. In a jazz class for example, we might learn and polish a jazz dance that is more edgy with lots of elements of hip hop, then move towards a lyrical jazz piece getting to integrate our ballet technique into the dance. We are not limited to the same movement in the same dances all year long. We get the opportunity to explore many different ways of expressing one style of dance. This is one of the reasons why the dancers at NCDI grow so much over the course of their training and are also able to appreciate all forms of dance. It also keeps the minds of the dancers open and able to pick up new material easily because we are constantly trying to learn a different combination or dance. I love NCDI and it is my home away from home. In addition to having found the studio that offers exceptional training in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and hip hop, it is also the studio where the positive energy constantly circulating the entire building makes it nearly impossible to not love every one around you that you are dancing with. All the teachers and dancers have positive attitudes that makes walking into NCDI something to be excited about. The North Carolina Dance Institute is tremendous. I encourage anyone with a love for movement and artistry to open themselves up to this amazing dance studio! :)
- Victoria, NCDI student

NCDI made me feel perfectly at home when I decided to try ballet again after many, many years away. I was very nervous about my decision to sign up for an adult ballet class, but I am so glad that I did! I have loved every minute of class, and I plan to continue taking classes for a very long time. The teachers at NCDI are amazing and inspiring, incredibly nice, and never intimidating. NCDI is a wonderful studio!
- Mindi, NCDI adult student

NCDI is the premier dance instruction studio for the triangle area. The focus on technique and building young dancer's confidence is instrumental in the great progression and advanced level their dancers achieve. The fact that any performances are completely optional creates a more stress-free, family oriented environment and also helps the dancers to focus on their own abilities rather than one singular recital. From attending classes across the triangle, I can honestly say that NCDI holds the most positive atmosphere.
- Grace, NCDI college student

The Perfect Studio! I just moved to the area and was looking for a non-recital dance studio. I found NCDI online and emailed to inquired about classes. I got a response back very quickly (I had emailed other studios in the area about classes and never got responses back). I tried the advanced jazz class on tuesdays and was amazed. Not only was everybody very welcoming but the class was top notch. The classes are affordable and the studio is very organized. NCDI is a great studio for adult dancers! I would highly recommend North Carolina Dance Institute!!
- Jenna, NCDI adult advanced dancer

Came from Va Bch and was desperate for dance class! "This review is on the North Carolina Dance Institute on Duraleigh Rd. I came to this area from Virginia Beach, Virginia and was hard put as to what I was going to do to keep me from going crazy in between work. I walked into a couple of dance studios, and they just seemed to be throwing birthday parties. What attracted me to NCDI was the variety of styles and levels of dance classes they had for "adults". No other academies had these available. It was either tap or ballet only (some marginal if you wanted to call it that). I had some previous tap, ballet and jazz in my previous experience and was an avid "club goer" in my early days. I could not believe the professionalism of NCDI. Not only did we get to wear any appropriate dance combination of all black (whohoo!) of course with dance shoes, no street shoes, but the choreography from the beginning and up to now has blown my mind. It is not unlike the likes of what I have seen on TV and in the movies, from hip-hip to classical jazz moves. My instructors, Jill and Ronnie are unbelievable, and personable and fun as well. I do not know where they generate their unlimited ideas! I am only in the beginner hip-hop and jazz funk and am very challenged, but would plan to stay with them up to advanced levels of both. The emphasis is not on a recital, but learning the real art of dancing, and there is the real challenge! If I ever go back to Virginia Beach, I will wish I could pack up NCDI and take it with me, as they would fit right in with our progressive atmosphere there! If you commit to NCDI, you will not be making a mistake, and you can even "try one", if you wish to go and participate before you make your decision on what type of class you want. When I had the chance to meet Kirstie Spadie, the director, I knew it was her immediately. She came up to me, knew me by name, shook my hand, and her blue eyes never lost contact with me. You will see her in the studio, interacting with everyone, and of course!....observing the dance moves. She immediately directed me to the the proper jazz shoes at the proper price, and always let me know where I stand as far as class semesters. They also offer all this information at their website, where you can sign up, view schedules and classes, and is very user friendly. And the music, out of this world!..and plan on taking your water bottle!!! Sincerely, Lori Barrow" PS! Even though there are no recitals, if you ask Kirstie, a limited number of your family or friends can view your class thru the glass.
- Lori, NCDI adult dancer

Beautiful girls. My Daughter, now a High School Senior, has been dancing with Kirstie and NCDI since she was in second grade. It is obvious what she has learned through her classes at NCDI - she is both a member of Broughtons Dance Company and Dance Team- but what is not as obvious is what she has learned from Kirstie about being a beautiful person. Kirstie teaches her girls about confidence, about beauty coming from within, about time managment, and that Dance is a form of artistic expression- not costumes and make up. My Daughter has spent a great deal of her "growing up" time at the studio and I know she is a better person for it.
- Kathryn, NCDI parent

We love NCDI! My daughter just finished her second year at NCDI. As a former dancer myself I love that their focus is on technique and skill and not on preparing for a recital. This studio does not do recitals, so I don't have to spend tons of money on expensive costumes for a recital we can do without. We have taken classes under both Ms. Kirstie and Ms. Sheree and have been thrilled with the progress our young daughter is making at NCDI!
- Lori, NCDI parent

We Love Them. Both my daughters have taken dance here for a few years. They love it and so do we. Between them, they take ballet, jazz, and hip hop. They offer lots of diversity in classes and a non-competitive environment. We enjoy that the focus is on studying dance and not preparing for the end-of-year show. As the dancer progresses at the studio, performance opportunities are available.
- Tia, NCDI parent